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2018 tbd @ 1000
Visitors welcome
(Prospective member orientation @ 0900)
Fremont Fire Training Center

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Holiday Party!
Spenger's Fish Grotto
Berkeley, CA
02 Dec, 1800-2200 hrs

Team News
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Interested in joining the team?

CA-6 currently has multiple position openings, but NDMS only hires in "batches" and is currently reviewing overall staffing needs across the system (temporary hiring freeze). Check back on this page, or sign up with our Administrative Officer (see below) to be contacted directly.

NOTE: After the 2017 hurricane responses, NDMS briefly considered using an "emergency hire" process to quickly fill vacancies on a temporary (2-year) basis. However, upon further examination, the Congressional authorization for this did not meet NDMS objectives; the "emergency hire" personnel would have been restricted to response/recovery work for the 2017 hurricane season. So NDMS is returning to its "standard" hiring process, and hopes to initiate permanent hiring in the near future.

When open positions are announced, interested persons must go to the USAJobs website, locate the appropriate opening, and submit a resume and credentials appropriate to the position. Submissions are then screened for the position, and suitable applicants are contacted to submit a complete application within a certain time window. The selection and evaluation process will select the most qualified and suitable applicants for the available openings.

Openings are only posted for a short time, so we suggest that potential applicants familiarize themselves with the USAJobs website by registering, upload a current resume to your profile, and learn how to search for positions (to find ours, you'd search on keywords like NDMS and San Francisco). We update this page when positions are open during this period, but you can also configure USAJobs to email you when it finds positions that match your search criteria.

Typically, you will find multiple postings for each position. If you are not yet a DMAT member, then you should look for a posting marked as DE (vs MP, which is for internal transfers). You should also look for one that corresponds to your experience level (many positions have different pay levels which vary typically by experience required), and one that is in the San Francisco area (click on View Assessment Questions in each job announcement to see the location).

Contact our Administrative Officer if you wish to be on our mailing list of prospective applicants. We encourage prospective applicants to attend team meetings and training sessions even if there are no current openings, to become familiar with the team and maintain awareness of upcoming openings.

In general, our members include physicians, mid-levels, registered nurses, respiratory therapists, paramedics, EMTs, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, mental health providers (psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, etc), social workers, communications technicians, IT technicians, logisticians, administrators, law enforcement officers, and other affiliated fields. Membership requirements are as follows:

1. Application must be approved by the Department of Health & Human Services

2. Security clearance: no felonies or other disqualifying history

3. Current driver's license

4. At least eighteen (18) years old

5. Pass an in-person interview

6. Licensure, certification consistent with position(s) maintained by team member, plus at least 1 full-time year (or equivalent) of experience in that position. Medical providers must be currently working in a clinical capacity in their fields, excluding supervisory, administrative, research, training, or other non-clinical activities. Includes the following certifications or equivalent:

  • ACLS or similar: required for MD, PA, EMT-P; recommended for NP, RN, RT
  • ATLS or similar: required for EMT-P; recommended for MD, PA, NP, RN, RT
  • PALS or similar: required for PA, EMT-P, RT; recommended for MD, NP, RN
  • BLS/CPR: required for all medical providers; recommended for all non-medical providers

7. Minimum of Basic First Aid certification within past five (5) years for non-medical personnel

8. Baseline immunizations, current testing status maintained by team member: Td, Hep B, IPPD, influenza (seasonal)

9. Must have reasonable expectation of deployability within 12-24 hours of notification, for a 2-week period (3 weeks for international missions). We are on-call one month out of three annually, and expect our members to be available to deploy for at least half of our on-call duty months. This essentially totals 25% of the year, during specific months that are announced well in advance.

10. Must meet minimum training requirements, currently 3-4 all-day training sessions per year held in Bay Area, participation in one overnight drill or exercise within 3 yrs, and online training (self-paced, about 2 hrs annually).

11. Must consistently demonstrate personal abilities as follows:

  •         Compatibility with team members and ability to function with others under stress.
  •         Technical competency, subject to peer review and quality assurance measures.
  •         Willingness to work on team assignments/projects/committees.
  •         Ability to perform necessary physical tasks.

12. Must complete basic team training requirements before being allowed to deploy; and must pass a 2-yr probationary period by completing training, maintaining licensure and immunization, being available for deployment, and other criteria sufficient to attain Tier 2 status w/in 1 year and maintain Tier 2 status for the duration of the probationary period.