Readiness Status

Our readiness posture changes from time to time, sometimes according to a schedule and sometimes depending on circumstances or events. (Note that we are not always able to publicly post changes in our readiness posture.) Here are the definitions:

  • Standby: our usual readiness posture, where we are subject to mobilization and deployment with a 24-hour notice. Our personnel go about their non-DMAT routines as usual.
  • On-Call: for 3-4 pre-determined months of the year we move to a higher readiness level where we are subject to recall and deployment with a 12-hr notice. We prepare a day-by-day roster, monitor the news, prepare our families and employers, and do other advance work to meet this shorter deployment timeframe.
  • Advisory: we are monitoring a particular event. Does not necessarily imply a change in expected deployment time or any preperatory work, but sometimes we do a bit of behind-the-scenes preparatory work to move ourselves from a 12-hr to an 8-hr readiness posture.
  • Alert: we are standing by for possible deployment to a specific event or incident, and subject to mobilization and deployment within 4-8 hours. Some personnel have specific duties to perform, but most personnel may go about their routines providing that they are prepared to arrive at a designated airport or other point of departure within 4 hours.
  • Activated-in-Place: personnel have been mobilized and are on active duty (federally paid) status, but not yet deployed. They may be staged at a specific location here in the Bay Area, or we may allow them to stay at home or other nearby location awaiting instructions. In this status we are expected to be able to deploy within 2 hours.
  • Activated: rostered personnel have been deployed on a mission. Additional personnel may be tasked with support duties, or may be Alerted or Activated in support of the mission.
  • Demob: short for demobilizating or demobilization, the deployed team is in the process of leaving the theater of operations and returning to home station.
  • Recycle: the team has returned home from a mission, and is currently in an inactive and recuperative period before returning to active status. (Time to catch up with all the paperwork.) Some personnel have specific duties as assigned, but most personnel return to their families and work during this period. This typically lasts 1-2 weeks.