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Training News

Aug 19th Meeting
Our next team training will take place on Sat Aug 19th at the usual time and place (see the Calendar on the team's home page). This will again not be a federal team meeting. However, it is covered by the CA equivalent of USERRA for CDMSA members; let David Lipin know if you need information about that.

In addition to the general meeting, we will cover the following topics:

  • Hot & Cold Weather Considerations (General members)
  • Administration Updates (General members)
  • Personal Preparedness for the Responder (General members)
  • Western Shelter Vestibule System (limited participants)

These topics are designed primarily to assist us in preparing for the upcoming Advanced DMAT training in Anniston, but these are all general topics from our matrix anway. In addition, we are supplementing this training with some specific training on the Western Shelter vestibule system for a handful of members who will be attending the Anniston training, because the vestibule is new to NDMS and not part of the cache that we normally use; this is "invite only", so you'll receive an email if we'd like you to take this training. But don't worry, the rest of the Anniston attendees will get the opportunity for this at Anniston next month, and we hope to make this a regular part of our future Advanced Logistics training.

ANCC National Healthcare Disaster Certification
For the truly "disaster medicine junkies" amongst us, the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) is now offering a National Healthare Disaster Certification board accreditation, appropriate for most every healthcare professional in the DMAT/CAL-MAT/CDMSA world. You must be an experienced disaster responder, have taken some specific disaster training (all DMAT members have likely completed this), pass a rigorous online test (and of course pay a fee). Additional information can be found on the ANCC website by clicking here.

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