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Training News

May 20th Meeting
Our next team training will take place on Sat May 20th at the usual time and place (see the Calendar on the team's home page). This will again not be a federal team meeting, for complicated reasons that I'll explain at the meeting. However, it is covered by the CA equivalent of USERRA for CDMSA members; let David Lipin know if you need information about that.

Agenda details will be in the May newsletter.

Moffett Field FTX
We'll once again be conducting our annual Field Training Exercise (FTX) at Moffett Field, this time the week of June 5th. The primary "medical" days will be Wed thru Fri, but we will also have a logistics and communications focus on Mon and Tue. Our scope is expanding once again this year as well. As in the past, we'll be working with the VA and FEMA US&R teams, but this year we'll also be joined by the CA National Guard and Air National Guard, and possibly some other entities as well (they're thinking about it).

EMSA is also stepping up in a big way with the CAL-MAT program, and covering the cost for all CAL-MAT participants. So other than your time (and gas to get there), it's free to participate this year! And also covered by the California USERRA-equivalent, and a great way to pick up 12+ hours of free CEUs or BRNs.

We'll distribute sign-ups in the next few days.

Apr 15th MCI Drill
John Brown has asked for our help in conducting an MCI TTX/FTX for for the Northeast Medical Services held at one of their SF clinics on Apr 15th. It will involve doctors, nurses, medical assistants, mental health and other treating clinicians. They typically conduct an hour or so tabletop exericise (TTX) for the clinic leadership, then an hour or so of hands-on training on wound care and splinting, followed by a 1.5 to 2 hour MCI exercise using stuffed animals. They could use help with the hands-on instruction (e.g., providers with experience in splinting/wound care/psychological first aid) and then coaching/observing/evaluating during the hands-on MCI. They'll provide snacks and coffee, but everyone is bringing/buying their own lunches to keep costs down (they might start just after lunch this year; timing still tbd). If you are interested in volunteering, contact John Brown or David Lipin.

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